TMR Zoo Staff

Hooch – Founder, Editor-in-Chief

A true “jack of all trades”, Hooch has successfully completed a wide array of projects ranging from designing multiple-story buildings to reviving decades-old electronic equipment to performing light surgical procedures with an X-acto knife (don’t try this at home). He brings this repertoire to the highest editorial level of TMR Zoo and spreads his talents among all aspects of the site, both up front to the public and under-the-hood. Hooch equates managing the TMR Zoo cast of eccentric characters to “herding cats”, but relishes every single second of it.
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Bruce Owens – Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Simply put, without Bruce, there would be no His enthusiasm and encouragement to “go bigger and better” at a critical juncture of the magazine’s history has resulted in the empire you see here today. Bruce is also the Food and Beverage Editor of TMR Zoo. His “black book” of friends from the beverage industry is the envy of every consumer in the country.
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Helena Erato – Marketing Coordinator/Staff Writer (contact)
G. Renier – Editorial Consultant (contact)
Neil S. Velleman – Senior Entertainment Editor, Sports Writer (contact)
Chris Gesualdo – Senior Entertainment Writer (contact)
Eric Gesualdo – Photojournalist/Senior Entertainment Writer (contact)
Joe Viglione – Chief Film Critic (contact)
John Goodale – Senior Staff Writer (contact)
Devin Bartnikowski – Senior Staff Writer (contact)
Darth Phineas – Senior Staff Writer (contact)
Jonah Falcon – Senior Gaming Editor (contact)
Joe Currao – Gadget and Tech Editor (contact)
Riot Boyer – Staff Sports Writer (contact)
Pope Crisco – Beer and Cigar Reviewer (contact)
Joel R. Kolander – Sud Savant Columnist, Beer Reviewer (contact)
Bill Foster – Celebrity, Entertainment and Sports Writer (contact)
Jack Cashman – Television Reviewer (contact)
Dominick Walsh – Men’s Health and Fitness Writer (contact)
Cletus P. Stillwater, Jr. – Staff Writer (contact)
Jeff Malone – Staff Writer (contact)

Greg Necastro
Corey Ebner
Jamie Millman
Christopher DeVoss

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