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Good day - kinnikuman - 12-24-2014

Yesterday was the greatest. I cleaned up some fretboard blanks ready for my next projects. I fucked one with the plunge router, I think it already had a crack in it and the router bit removed a large chunk of wood containing some fret slots.

Then on my 37 fret fingerboard i cut way to close to the last slot:shifty:. I think when it comes time i will remove the tangs from that fret and just glue it in. I will need all the room i can get anyway so its not an issue.

I got body wings cut out for the 37 virtus mk2 ''all or nothing''. I just need to find a thicknesser now so i can trim down the fingerboards and body.
This thing will have to be my last extended range guitar before i go onto the next chapter.

Ahhhh i also had to widen the humbucker route on the charvel spectrum i have. Who ever originally convervted it to HSS didnt do a very good job. Luckily the mounting holes were right so i just screwed down the template and ran the router around in there. I also had to drill down for the humbucker feet/legs thingy. HAHA ok done.

Oh and the shinobi is going to be 28 fret now. AIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 27 is for fools.

RE: Good day - kinnikuman - 12-25-2014

Any questions for me? No? Ok fuck you then.

RE: Good day - lreese - 12-25-2014

No pics?


RE: Good day - kinnikuman - 12-25-2014

(12-25-2014, 05:14 PM)lreese Wrote: No pics?


The damn phones usb is being a cunty.

RE: Good day - ExplorersRock - 12-25-2014

OK, I'll bite. What pickup(s) are going in it?

RE: Good day - CTN - 12-25-2014

Yeah really I have a hard time following anything without pics. Like half your guitars or build plans have more than 24 frets and I can't keep track of em all.

Come on raph help a brudda out

RE: Good day - kinnikuman - 12-26-2014

(12-25-2014, 09:16 PM)ExplorersRock Wrote: OK, I'll bite. What pickup(s) are going in it?

Well orginally it was going to be something super special. - Shadow eq5 with the ibanez neck simulator circuit. But i couldn't find anyone good enough to take on the diagram.

So now i am just going to use the simulator but with two hotrails. This of course may change again.

[Image: DSC07857.jpg]

A rough idea. Obviously all the parts are just resting together.
[Image: DSC07860.jpg]
The wings look like shit but i think once i clean them up their true beuty will show.

Spectrum, B-Jackson usa pickup/M-j2oor/ N-ultrasonic ref 1
[Image: DSC07863.jpg]

These lines might look a bit more at home too.
[Image: bodymod.jpg]

RE: Good day - kinnikuman - 12-26-2014

(12-26-2014, 01:10 AM)darthphineas Wrote: Dude. You really need to get Orpheo to throw you some lessons.

Fuck off ya dry turd

RE: Good day - CTN - 12-26-2014

Raph you know we're bros at this point but....

Was that fret spacing inconsistency intentional or did you just screw that one up?

RE: Good day - GoldenVulture - 12-26-2014

They'd be tone spacing instead of semi tones , wouldn't they ? Semi tones would probably be to small to play.