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Tight fit. - kinnikuman - 03-15-2015

Still working on the humbucker cavity. I am hoping it wont end in me having to use a pickup ring :pissed:

Very tight fit here.[Image: IMG_1056.jpg]

[Image: IMG_08741.jpg]

Also artie is working on a diagram that will utilize the shadow humbucker and the ibanez preamp neck simulator. Its going to be hectic but if we can pull it off it will be the most versatile extended range guitar EVER!

[Image: wiring%20layout.jpg]

RE: Tight fit. - kinnikuman - 03-16-2015

wow thanks for the support and well wishes. I'm not going to bother posting in this part of the forum anymore. I'm not having a spaz i just think if no one cares then why am i bothering?

back to the build and its cavity day

RE: Tight fit. - Securb - 03-16-2015

Stop being such a little bitch. It look great BTW.

RE: Tight fit. - kinnikuman - 03-16-2015

(03-16-2015, 03:46 PM)Securb Wrote: Stop being such a little bitch. It look great BTW.

No i will not!

It's a bit like when you go on holiday and you expect everyone to share the same joy you had by just looking at the photos. HAHA

One day i am gonna build something so boring like a tele or strat and it will blow all your minds. Not devin/yt blow but more like a missile hitting the water..

RE: Tight fit. - GoldenVulture - 03-16-2015

Attention Whore !:nana:

Did you notice the guitars and FX pedals are back at Aldi. They've gone up slightly . The Strat is $90 now and the pedals are $30. Other stuff too. I bought their clip on tuner. $10

RE: Tight fit. - kinnikuman - 03-16-2015

The pedals are so shit its not funny. The guitar? Well i know this old cunt who has one and he swears its solid timber. haha.

New versions will be ply.