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Any suggestions? - Agileguy - 05-24-2015

So I'm going to be painting the racing stripes on my colorsound wah shell tomorrow, but I'm not quite sure how to go about it. I've got some tape specifically meant for being used over paint, but the problem I have is how to cut the racing stripes out of the paint without damaging the color coat. Should I just use an xacto knife and be really careful?

RE: Any suggestions? - CTN - 05-24-2015

wrong forum buttmunch.

but since you asked, look up the van halen stripe technique.

aka mask off everything but the area you want striped. then spray the stripe colours on the exposed area. when dry, remove the masking. presto.

RE: Any suggestions? - Agileguy - 05-24-2015


I guess that makes sense. I was just going to tape it all up and cut the stripes out. I guess it makes more sense to just not tape the area... getting my lines right is going to be a PITA though. Ugh

But what if I want to make lines smaller than the tape is wide? I assume I just cut the tape and then put it on? I guess there's no way to get around the PITA that is making straight lines

RE: Any suggestions? - CTN - 05-24-2015

Get thinner tape numbnuts.

Also for getting the lines right, what you can do is get some tape the size you want the stripe, or close to it anyway... lay that down as a mockup of the stripe, then mask around it, then remove the mockup stripe.

you can try cutting a wide strip of tape to size... but no guarantees that the sticky side will be perfectly sticky as intended. Though if it's the 3M painter's tape meant for crisp sharp lines, you might get lucky and be able to lay it down on something flat and clean, mark out the dimensions of your strip, cut it using an exacto and a straightedge or a ruler.

RE: Any suggestions? - CTN - 05-24-2015


Don't they teach you elementary problem solving skills in history class??

RE: Any suggestions? - Agileguy - 05-24-2015

Yeah but I have limited time. I basically have to start painting when I get home (around midnight) and I only have until morning until my brother will start bitching at me to get out so he can blow his glass. (Yeah I could just punch his lights out - and I so desperately want to - but I'm determined to take the high road). It won't be easy seeing as I was up until 4 painting last night.

RE: Any suggestions? - CTN - 05-24-2015

[Image: giphy.gif]

RE: Any suggestions? - lreese - 05-24-2015

No worries - a lot of us have the equivalent of that little brother. She answers to 'Honey' or 'Sweetie' or some other sickening pet name. She can also be referred to as 'Bitch' or 'Cunt'.

RE: Any suggestions? - Big Flannel - 05-24-2015

I sense a but of animosity in your approach, Lee.

RE: Any suggestions? - lreese - 05-24-2015

Perhaps a wee wittle bit.

Its just my sermon from the Church of the Painful Truth this weekend. You just change one problem for another.