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David Cook is Crowned The “American Idol”
American Idol - Then There Were 2
May 21st, 2008
by Neil S. Velleman

After sixteen weeks, 24 finalists, and 2 Davids, this is what it comes down to. Last night’s American Idol final performance show was a good one, but the boxing analogies got old, fast. Both performers stayed true to themselves and their own styles and if either of them gave us any surprises, it was that Young David really pulled out all the stops and sang way over his head, while Rocker David seemed more subdued and ready to rest on his laurels.

Here is the way it laid out, as I saw it:

Super Producer Clive Davis picked the songs for this round. Rocker David was given U2’s I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. Bono would be proud. Rocker David’s raspiness was just what the song needed to give it that edge he gives most songs to make them that much better. Young David’s song was Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me by Elton John. He picked the right time to have what was probably his best performance of the entire competition. Every note was spot-on and his voice never sounded better. He needed to be that good to go up against Rocker David and he knew it. Great job by Clive Davis picking these two songs. I think this guy might know what he’s doing.

This round the contestants chose from the top 10 most popular coronation song nominees from a contest that was held several months ago (more on this later). Rocker David chose a song called Dream Big that let him use his guitar and show a softer side of him. In one of the very few times this season, I agreed with Crazy Paula when she said that one of the great things about him is he can take a song that no one is familiar with and make us enjoy it. Young David chose a song called In This Moment. It was just his style, a sappy, boring ballad. The judges seemed to like it a lot. I did not, Judge #1 (Lynn) did not. Judge #1 is tired of Young David’s “I am not worthy of your praise” face and his nearly passing out every time the judges compliment him.

Round three, unlike seasons past, was contestant’s choice. Last season, this round was the demise of beat-boxer Blake Lewis, who had to sing a sappy pop song that was completely out of his comfort zone, but perfect for eventual Idol winner Jordon Sparks. While she probably would have won anyway, the song choice by the show’s producers didn’t hurt her any. But back to last night, Rocker David chose Collective Soul’s The World I Know. Not a great song choice for his finale when he probably should have gone out with something far more memorable, like his tremendous version of Billie Jean (as Simon pointed out). If he insisted on doing something new, he still could have chosen something far better to end with. I wouldn’t have minded hearing him do something by The Killers, or go retro and pull out some Nirvana. That would have been interesting. Young David, by contrast, knew exactly what he was doing and went with his Tour de Force, Imagine by John Lennon. The boy might be young, be he ain’t no dummy. I don’t think he sang it quite as well as he did the first time he sang it, but without a doubt, it was very, very good.

While I think that Rocker David is a far better singer and performer, I think that Young David is going to win American Idol 7 tonight. He won over the judges and the voting public last night with his song choices, and moreover, Rocker David lost them with his. All of that being said, it doesn’t matter because Rocker David will still be selling records and selling out concerts long after all of the 12 year old girls turn 13 and stop listening to Young David and he disappears off of our radar.

As I mentioned earlier, 19 Entertainment, who produces American Idol, held their 2nd American Idol Songwriter contest. The winner this year was Regie Hamm of Nashville and the song is Time of My Life. Whichever of the Davids wins tonight will be singing it during the show’s final four minutes.

According to an article in USA Today, the song was chosen from tens of thousands submitted, said Jeff King, 19 Entertainment’s US Head of Digital Entertainment. 60 staffers then narrowed the choices down to 20. Those 20 were then posted to a website for on-line voting. More than 500,000 people voted Time of My Life as the number one choice. Dream Big and In This Moment, the two songs that Rocker David and Young David sang in Round 2 last night, also finished in the top 10 in on-line voting.
There's no crying in baseball
The day American Idol dies, the drinks are on me.
Will it blend? That is the question.
I will fly to Houston we will get shitfaced and drunk dial Gator
Record-Setting 97.5 Million Votes Received Tuesday Night

Special Appearances by Bryan Adams, Donna Summer, George Michael,
Graham Nash, Jimmy Kimmel, The Jonas Brothers, Mike Myers, One Republic, Seal, ZZ Top and Gladys Knight, Robert Downey Jr., Ben Stiller and Jack Black

Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks Returned to AMERICAN IDOL Stage

The extraordinary seventh season of AMERICAN IDOL came to a spectacular conclusion tonight as 25-year-old David Cook was crowned the winner during the live two-hour season finale on FOX. A new record was set after an amazing 97.5 million votes were received after Tuesday’s performance show, shattering the previous IDOL record of 74 million set after last season’s AMERICAN IDOL finale.

It was a duel of the Davids when Archuleta and Cook each performed three songs on Tuesday night’s final competition show. Cook, from Blue Springs, MO, emerged as America's choice in a competition that began with more than 100,000 hopefuls who auditioned in Atlanta, Charleston, Dallas, Miami, Omaha, Philadelphia and San Diego.

Cook capped his coronation on Wednesday’s finale by singing “Time of My Life,” written by songwriting contest winner Regie Hamm. The song is available for digital download exclusively on and

The broadcast from the NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles featured appearances by Bryan Adams, Donna Summer, George Michael, Graham Nash, Jimmy Kimmel, The Jonas Brothers, Mike Myers, One Republic, Seal, ZZ Top and Gladys Knight, Robert Downey Jr., Ben Stiller and Jack Black.

Also returning to the AMERICAN IDOL stage were past winners Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks. Underwood sang “Last Name” and Sparks performed her new single “One Step at a Time.”

The Top 6 guys were joined by Bryan Adams for a medley of his hits, while the Top 6 girls joined Donna Summer for a medley of her chart-topping songs. Cook and ZZ Top had the audience on its feet with “Sharp Dressed Man”; Archuleta crooned with One Republic on “Apologize”; third-place finisher Syesha Mercado and Seal rocked the house with their rendition of “Waiting for You”; and finalist Brooke White performed a duet of “Teach Your Children” with Graham Nash. The Top 12 introduced superstar George Michael by performing several of his greatest hits, then Michael took the stage to sing “Praying for Time.”

Cook is the seventh American Idol to be crowned, joining Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks and Jordin Sparks as winners of the coveted title, a major recording contract and a management contract.

On Tuesday night's final competition, Archuleta and Cook each performed three songs. Cook sang "I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” “Dream Big” and "The World I Know,” while Archuleta sang “Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me,” “In the Moment” and "Imagine." The night was capped with a special performance by Season Two AMERICAN IDOL Ruben Studdard who sang “Celebrate Me Home,” this season’s farewell song.

AMERICAN IDOL is created and executive-produced by Simon Fuller, founder and CEO of 19 Entertainment, and executive-produced by Cecile Frot-Coutaz, CEO, FremantleMedia North America, Inc.; Nigel Lythgoe, President, 19 Television; and Ken Warwick, Executive Producer, FremantleMedia North America, Inc.
you know what, good for him. there, I said it and it's sincere...

I'm glad he beat the faggy kid, there is hope for America yet..
Securb Wrote:I will fly to Houston we will get shitfaced and drunk dial Gator

Why do you want to fly to Houston? I'll be in Dallas.
Will it blend? That is the question.
3dR3 Wrote:there is hope for America yet..

Please don't post things like this. I'm trying to get my blood pressure down.
Will it blend? That is the question.
Well, I'm glad this is finally over with... my girlfriend has been obsessed with it, and it was really starting to get old. Most of these people can't really sing well in the first place. But I'm glad that the decent guy won, cause he did deserve it. That other little fag can go back to Disney on Ice, or wherever he came from.

Looking forward to having my tuesday and wednesday nights back...
I'm glad it's over too, it got old before it even started. I despise the show and all the hype...glorified karaoke.
You all suck
There's no crying in baseball

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