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P90 advice needed
I'm planning to get some new pickups for my '62ri strat and thought it'd be prudent to get some humbucker sized P90s seeing as i have pretty much no experience with P90's.

I want a warm, clear/articulate and maybe a bit flutey neck pickup, and a thick chewy bridge pickup.

What kinda specs should i be looking for in terms of DCR and magnet complement?
Something underwound in the neck (6-7k)with A5s and just about any stock (7.5ish to 8ish) or hotter A5 P90 in the bridge will be chewy and bitey. That's just what P90s do.

As far as the mix and match mags some people do, I have no idea. Never tried.
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Brandon got it right. My neck P90 is 6k and it's got more than enough output, so something under 8k for the bridge would be great.

I've heard good things about A4 in P90s.

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I would give Lindy Fralin a call and ask him , you will get good info he knows his pickups. Always liike to pick his brain before I buy a set.
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Lindy is a bit outta my budget. I'm planning on going with a set of Rose Black Velvets... But output and magnet selection is totally my choice

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