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Cable modems?
Who here knows cable modems?

I'm thinking its time to upgrade to a dual band, but I know next to nothing about this type of gear. 

Here is a list of approved modems for my provider:

What do you recommend?  I'm thinking of upgrading to the 100Mb service. 
Because I said so. 
I can't say I know cable modems but I'd go with well known brands. I see their list has a lot of Netgear models.

Quote:Note: DOCSIS 3.0 devices are required for all new Preferred, Premier, and Ultimate package customers.
IDK. That's why I asked. I do know that some units work better with some services for inexplicable reasons.

FWIW the 100Mb service is "premier".
Because I said so. 
IMO if you go Netgear or Cisco you should be pretty safe. One suggestion is to add advertising sites to the blocked list directly on the unit. and Doubleclick are among the biggest. Whenever I get a pop up ad that url is also added to the list. I have amassed a huge list on our modem and all of the computers in our house fly because of it.
Never had any issues with a Netgear router on Cox. Generally I like something that has additional outputs and WiFi.
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My son received an Ubee dual channel modem when he moved back here.

IDK if it matters to me at the moment, but the only modems capable of running all Cox speeds are the ARRIS/Motorola models.
Because I said so. 
I just had to reset the modem because my PS3 couldn't sign in. Strangely enough I could get on the Internet wirelessly on my PC.

I think this modem has issues.

The PS3 is connecting at slower speeds, too. eek
Because I said so. 
My wireless adaptor on this PC I'm using periodically/randomly won't connect to the modem from PC boot up [ when I turn it on ]. It can see other modems in surrounding houses but won't see mine, Sometimes if I reboot it works other times it doesn't. It also connects at varying speeds Mostly 120Mbs, other times 78Mbs and 62 Mbs [ ?]. It is capable of and sometimes connects at 150 Mbs. It wouldn't connect yesterday, today it is fine. smack

When this happens I go to my laptop [ wirelessly ] and have no problem.

I'm concluding it is the adaptor software or the driver not firing properly at boot but that is contradicted by the fact that I can see surrounding modems/connections.

It's being a bastard to nail down to a cause, much like yours.
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I still haven't decided on a modem. I need to do something soon.
Because I said so. 
I really don't enjoy researching computer equipment.
Because I said so. 

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