Jann Klose explores the Reverie

video inside post By Joe Viglione Chief
Film Critic and Entertainment Editor

The twelve songs on Reverie are fully realized adventures that allow Jann Klose to tell his story over magical instrumentation.   Reverie is truly one of those discs where you can jump into any random tune and find captivating rhythms, compelling imagery and the singer in full control of the words he is spinning. “All These Rivers” takes the listener to a place Boz Scaggs should have indulged in, so many different sounds running through the melody.   “Watching You Go”  is intellectual modern AAA pop, chords that breathe under Klose’s matter-of-fact voice. 

Does he have elements of British? Irish? Aussie? in those vocal tones?? That and more, and it is the guessing game your mind plays with his voice that makes repeated spins essential.  Closing track “Beginning” gets a bit heady but that’s ok, the music steers it into other uncharted and ever revealing waters…and that’s the beauty of Reverie – some kind of signature Joni Mitchell branded onto music in the seventies gets…perhaps not reinvented but – re-imaged.   “Clouds” has those intangibles, as does the splashed-in reggae of “Hold Me Down”.   There’s a wistful once lost/now recovered sound that pop fans from the mid to late sixties still adore,  and it’s the traces of that aura which keeps things moving  in the right direction.    “Beautiful Dream” is the opening track, and the one getting airplay as the album makes its way to the inevitable radio stations that like to take a chance on something this smart.  

It’s another moment that could have shimmered on Andrew Loog Oldham’s Immediate Records imprint lo those years ago.   The production is top notch while the backing vocals and musicianship are more solid than most of what commercial radio is dishing out.  Like stated at the beginning…fully realized – and definitely worth your time.

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