Cocktails to Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Prohibition Repeal

This Friday, December 5th marks the 75th anniversary of Prohibition Repeal. Has there ever been a better reason to celebrate with a cocktail?

Historically, Root Beer was developed during the Prohibition when breweries were forced to either shut down or find something new to brew. As you could have guessed, the creamy beverage left distraught drinkers longing for something more, and now Three Olives Vodka is proud to reintroduce this flavor in a vodka that offers a nostalgic nod to this old American classic.

So pick up a bottle of Three-O Root Beer and toast to those who made it through the dry days of Prohibition with a few signature cocktails. And don’t forget to appreciate the fact that you don’t have to worry about getting arrested. At least not until later in the night…

Brotherly Love

2 oz. Three-O Root Beer Vodka

4 oz. Root Beer

Mix in a glass with ice

British Car Bomb

1 oz. Three-O Root Beer Vodka

1/2 pint Ale

Drop shot glass of vodka carefully into 1/2 pint of Ale.

Rock Star Root Beer

1 oz. Three-O Root Beer Vodka

1 oz. Three-O Vanilla Vodka

4 oz. Ginger Ale

Mix in a glass filled with ice & garnish with a cherry.

Root Beer Floatini

1.5 oz. Three-O Root Beer Vodka

.5 oz. Amaretto liqueur

Shake hard over ice & strain into glass

Float a melon-ball size scoop of vanilla ice cream in center