G4 Premieres New Programming Block For Summer Dedicated To The Network’s Most Popular Gaming Shows From The Past

LOS ANGELES, May 19, 2008 – Strap on your seatbelts and get ready to go back in time with G4. To reward its most loyal viewers this summer, the network will present “G4 Rewind,” a three-hour morning programming block dedicated to fan favorites from “back in the day.” Beginning June 2, “G4 Rewind” will re-air classic gaming shows such as “Cinematech,” “Game Makers,” “Sweat,” “Blister,” “Portal,” as well as original episodes of “X-Play.” These past episodes will be reinvigorated with live on-air interactive elements that encourage viewers to take part all summer long. “G4 Rewind” premieres June 2, 2008 from 9 am -12 pm ET/PT. The morning block will air daily through August 29, 2008.

Today G4 is the multi-media destination that covers the many interests of young guys like the Internet, video games, new technologies, comics and animation, but when the network originally launched, it was laser-focused on videogame-related content. Feeling nostalgic, G4 is paying homage to the original gaming shows that used to anchor the network’s line-up and re-introducing the classics that G4’s original viewers loved.

One of the network’s most devoted fans, Brian Maupin, will serve as the official host of “G4 Rewind.” Brian, who is a creator of a G4 fan site, will introduce each show and use his plethora of knowledge to moderate some of the interactive components, which include live chat, trivia and viewer video mail. Viewers can also contact show hosts and producers who will answer questions on the air.

“‘G4 Rewind’ is in response to many enthusiastic requests from our viewers who wanted us to re-air past G4 shows” said Neal Tiles, President, G4. “Our viewers can take part in this vintage G4 block with live and interactive elements using web cams and on screen “chat” to express their opinions and reminisce about their favorite shows.

“G4 Rewind” will present the following classics:

This fragfest transports viewers into the mind of the hardcore gamer and guides them into the field of intense multiplayer battle. Each episode introduces viewers to two teams fighting for bragging rights in some of today’s most popular action video games.

G4’s Training Camp
Half-hour television series which immerses a videogame enthusiast into the actual world that their favorite sports videogame is based upon. From advice on choosing the best teams to one-of-kind tips on developing winning strategies, “Training Camp” breaks down every aspect of popular sports titles to help viewers achieve ultimate results.

“Cheat! will present game exclusives and the ways to beat them. Each episode will demonstrate how to beat a game with strategy walkthroughs and tips on getting around “choke points.” We’ll also give you hidden secrets and tricks, and, as a last resort, cheat codes.

Complementing the gameplay of many high-end games is an extraordinary assortment of intro-games, cinematics and trailers.

Game Makers
Behind-the-scenes look at major releases in the world of gaming, featuring developer interviews, an in-depth preview of either single titles, or franchises, and commentary from gaming experts.

Judgment Day
So many games, so little time … to figure out which ones are good! “Judgment Day” hosts Victor Lucas and Tommy Tallarico of “Electric Playground” fame help take the guesswork out of your decisions with their insightful reviews of the latest games and hardware for all platforms.

“Sweat” is the first television show to exclusively promote the highly competitive world of sports video games. The show highlights the best in sports games, as well as the athletes, designers and producers behind them.

Get ready to have a blast with games. ‘X-Play’ gives tips, tricks, and previews for videogame lovers and has a great time doing it.

In the world of video games, there is no game greater or more thrilling than the action game — and “Blister” takes you inside and behind the scenes of your favorites.

From the omni-dimensional communications center known as The Hub, Dave and his computer companion VAL explore the ever evolving virtual universe of Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

Don’t miss your favorite G4 classics and a chance to have your voice heard when the “G4 Rewind” premieres on June 2, 2008 from 9 am -12 pm ET/PT. The block will air daily through August 29, 2008.