American Craft Beer Week (May 12-18)

  BOULDER, CO., March 20, 2008 — American Craft Beer Week (May 12-18), which is celebrated annually, highlights the industry and culture of craft beer. This year, breweries and beer makers will also recognize their collective charitable contributions. For the first time ever, the Brewers Association announced U.S. craft breweries’ charitable contributions, and for 2007 they are estimated to be more than $20 million.

“In addition to being recognized for making world-class beer, independent craft brewers are amazing community citizens,” said Julia Herz, a spokesperson for the Brewers Association. “Craft brewers are an integral part of many communities’ charitable efforts. They donate to everything from fire departments, disaster relief efforts, local events, educational fundraisers and so much more.” HUhttp://www.americancraftbeerweek.orgUH



Changed to a weeklong event in 2006, the inaugural American Craft Beer Week was recognized by the U.S. Congress with HUHouse Resolution 753UH (.pdf file). The week has continued to attract interest and support from beer enthusiasts and the media. In 2007, more than 150 brewers registered their community celebrations at HUwww.americancraftbeerweek.orgUH.



Also new, HUSAVOR: An American Craft Beer and Food ExperienceUH (May 16-17) will be held to commemorate American Craft Beer Week in Washington D.C. The event will showcase craft beer and food pairings with participation from 48 independent craft brewers. SAVOR signifies food and beverage lovers increasing interest and knowledge of beer and food pairings.