FEARnet – Dropped From Time Warner Cable

FEARnet logoThe more I read about them, the more I believe that Satan runs every cable company. Since I’m in “Comcast Country”, I’m all too familiar with petty squabbles and exploits in denying their viewers the NFL Network and their competitors broadcast rights to the local SportsNet channels.

The horror stories (no pun intended) are certainly not limited to Comcast. Apparently, Time Warner Cable, also owned and operated by Mr. Mephistopheles, has dropped the popular cult favorite FEARnet… and subscribers are none too pleased.

FEARnet has released the YouTube plea featured below, and has also set up a facebook petition so their disgruntled fans and supporters can be heard:


Feel free to sign the petition if you hate your cable company as well.

For more information and the current status of the plight check out the links below:
4,000 Fans United! News from the Fight to Get FEARnet Back on Time Warner Cable!
Horror Fans – Stand Up and Unite For FEARnet!
It looks like the first 25 fans to post a video commentary on the Facebook page will get some free FEARnet “stuff”.

The TMRzoo wishes all the recent FEARnet-less fan the best of luck in their plight. You have our support.