Howard Stern’s Uncensored Interview with Hugh Jackman to air on Howard TV

Hugh JackmanAs usual, Howard Stern got down to the nitty-gritty when interviewing Wolverine from X-Men Origins, Hugh Jackman, on the Howard Stern Show today. The shocking interview included a wide range of topics that no other talk show, or host, could touch. The full 45 minute segment can be seen in its entirety on Howard TV On Demand starting tomorrow. The completely uncensored and personal chat covers Hugh’s physical prowess – he can bench press 300 pounds – his mother abandoning the family when he was a youngster; getting over OCD; why he became a producer on Wolverine and the gorgeous women he has worked with. Howard delves into the topic of whether Jackman gets aroused during love scenes, which elicits a shockingly honest revelation. While in production on the movie Swordfish, he had the enviable job of being on set with a topless Halle Berry for three days. On the rumors that he is gay, Jackman says, “You Americans are too hung up on this issue. These rumors mean I finally made it in this business!”

Although he was amazed to be hosting the Academy Awards, Jackman admitted he was actually more nervous when he had to sing the national anthem a decade ago in front of 100,000 people. Although Howard teased him to “drop that phony accent,” (the Australian one), Jackman explained his mastery of the American accent. About their shared interest in Transcendental Meditation, “It changed my life completely,” said Jackman. As he left to go to an interview on Good Morning America, Howard recommended that Jackman should ask Diane Sawyer if she was wearing panties. All in a day’s work.

The entire interview can be seen starting May 1 on Howard TV On Demand and will be available for about three weeks. For more info, check out

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