Diageo Announces New Red Stripe Light

Red Stripe LightThe makers of the world-renowned Red Stripe lager and everyone’s favorite emissary of happiness, the Red Stripe Ambassador, are bringing some fun to one of the biggest days of the year, Tax Day, April 15th, with new Red Stripe Light.

Red Stripe Light gives consumers just what they want in a light beer – easy-drinking, refreshing taste with more personality and a break from today’s stodgy mainstream light beers, perfect for celebrating the passing of another tax day. At 4.1% ABV vs. Red Stripe at 4.7% ABV, Red Stripe Light recently arrived on US soil in neighboring Miami and will soon have national distribution and national popularity, too. It is packaged in a lighter, but distinctively labeled iconic “stubby” amber bottle, and brewed by the original brewer, Desnoes & Geddes Ltd. in Kingston, Jamaica.

“If my friends are like me, they don’t like sending their money to other people. They want to keep it for themselves or share it with their family and friends,” commented the Red Stripe Ambassador. “Instead of watching everyone complain about tax day, I’ve decided to keep it happy and share some Red Stripe Light with my friends. Boo Taxes. Hooray beer!”

With his introduction of Red Stripe Light, the Ambassador is also offering clever advice and spreading happiness to everyone. He shares his wisdom and thoughts about tax day and more with friends and fans alike on his new Facebook page, www.facebook.com/redstripe.

The Red Stripe Ambassador’s Advice for Making Tax Day Fun on April 15th
1. Make friends with the people standing in line with you waiting to mail your tax forms. Afterwards, take them out for a Red Stripe or a Red Stripe Light.
2. If you are running late filing your taxes, hurry up!
3. Getting a refund? Invest in some Red Stripe!
4. Owe taxes? Unfortunately, you cannot pay with Red Stripe, so get out your checkbook.
5. Always file your taxes responsibly. Hooray responsibility!
The Red Stripe Ambassador encourages adults of legal drinking age to enjoy Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light responsibly and live life to the fullest – it’s too short to worry about the small things like taxes!

Red Stripe Light was first launched in Jamaica in 2000, establishing strong appeal with consumers and becoming the number one selling Light beer in the nation. Following the long-standing presence of Red Stripe Lager in the US market, a light version of the iconic beer brand was a natural progression. Light Beer represents over 50% of the total beer category in the US.

About Red Stripe
Red Stripe lager beer is brewed and bottled by Desnoes & Geddes Ltd. It trades as Red Stripe, “the World’s Coolest Beer Company.” Diageo owns the majority stake in the Red Stripe Company, and so lists the Great Jamaican Beer among its portfolio of premium alcohol brands. Red Stripe was first brewed in Jamaica in 1928. It is also brewed in Antigua and the UK under license, and is now available in some 20 markets around the world. The flagship brand of the World’s Coolest Beer Company, headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, Red Stripe has earned the distinction of having some 11 Monde Selection Gold Medals to its credit among numerous other awards. Red Stripe, Red Stripe Light, Red Stripe Bold and associated logos are trademarks.