CEO of, Bob Parsons, Shoots and Kills an Elephant (VIDEO)

Known for being a bit of an ass, Chief Executive Officer of, Bob Parsons, may have taken his reputation to new heights. In a video posted on his blog fully documenting the incident, Parsons is seen shooting and killing a bull elephant in Zimbabwe.

The video chronicles the regular destruction of crops by the elephants in a village and then Parsons and his team waiting for the elephants to return after dark with intent to kill them all. Parsons fires the shots that kill one of the elephants as the other two flee. The video then skips to the next morning where tons of villagers show up to strip the elephant carcass of it’s valuable meat… while wearing hats.

Check out the video for yourself…

As always, PETA has immediately jumped in and canceled their GoDaddy account and is encouraging everyone else to do so. GoDaddy competitor is also trying to cash in on Parsons’ publicity stunt by offering a “transfer for GoDaddy” deal for $4.99 with 20% of the proceeds going to

This isn’t the first time has been involved in a controversy. After pushing their envelope with their “bra-busting” Super Bowl ads for years, their advertisement for the 2010 Super Bowl was shit-canned by CBS.