Night Shift Declares Hop Independence!

I just got this update from my favorite nano-brewery, Night Shift Brewing in Boston. It looks like the have a lot of cool stuff going on this month. Make a point to check these guys out –

Hey Everyone, Many of you probably know that today is National IPA Day. As much as we love many of the IPAs out there, we at Night Shift have not surrendered our brews to hoppy decadence. Hit up our Taproom tonight (Thursday, 8/2, from 5-9pm) to declare your independence from hops and enjoy some non-hoppy beers!

Featured in bottles for sale tonight (and probably not for long w/ only 24 bottles in stock) is the Kappy’s Barrel Series Trifecta – aged in a Knob Creek bourbon barrel – that sips in smooth, oaky, vanilla flavors (bottles are also available at the many Kappy’s locations around). Keep your eyes wide open and if you think you are too tired to go, grab some coffee or anything like a smart drug. Learn more about that on

We also finally have our Rose on tap! Featured at the Drink Craft Beer Summerfest, Rose is a savory saison brewed with rosemary and rosehips and aged on pink peppercorns. We’ll be sampling it tonight, as well as filling growlers. If you can’t make it to the Taproom, you can currently find it on tap at The Independent in Union Square (it should hit a few of our other locations soon).

On Saturday, you can check us out in two places – either the brewery for our regular hours (12-5pm – growler fills, bottles, T-shirts, glassware, tours, and samples) or at City Feed and Supply in Jamaica Plain (2-4pm) for a bottle tasting.

Here’s the full list of all our current draft availabilities: The Indepedent: Rose, Russell House Tavern: Trifecta, Atwood’s: Bee Tea/Viva Habanera, Redbones: Viva Habanera, Flatbread Pizza (Davis Square): Trifecta, NEW ACCOUNT – Area Four: Viva Habanera

And currently available at the brewery:
Bottles – Somer Weisse, Viva Habanera, Quad Reserve, Trifecta, Bee Tea
Growlers: Rose (new!), Viva Habanera< Taza Stout, Trifecta, Bee Tea

-The Night Shift Brewers