Send a Fart O Gram Prank Call to Your Friends and Family

Prank calls are almost always a gas – and now, thanks to the latest service called Fart O Gram, anyone can send hilarious, 100% free, gut-busting calls to their friends, co-workers, family, even their boss – plus, they can listen to their friends’ reactions once the call has been placed. Not to toot their own horns, but the makers of Fart O Gram assert that their prank calling service is “100% guaranteed to make you laugh.”

How To Use Fart O Gram: Sending a flatulent phone call with Fart O Gram is as easy as 1-2-3! Step 1: Enter the phone number to be pranked at Step 2: Select one of 22 fart-acular prank call scenarios Step 3: Let ‘er rip! Sit back and listen in and enjoy the reaction on the other line.

Laughing Gas – Choose One of 22 Ripsnorters For Your Perfect Prank Call!

At Fart O Gram, the art of the fart has been boiled down to twenty-two distinctly stinky prank call scenarios, including: “Booty Call,” “Fart Blast,” “Porn Membership,” “Job Reference,” “Where’s My Girlfriend?” and more. Some pranks are even customizable by sex and all are absolutely hilarious.

About Fart O Gram

Fart O Gram is a free, lightly ad supported prank calling website service, offering a variety of gut-busting flatulence-filled scenarios. Users can opt to place their prank calls from their own phone number or anonymously. Some restrictions may apply, specifically to callers and target phone numbers in the states of CA, PA, FL, IL, MI, WA, MS, MA, CT, NV, NH and VT. Visit for details.

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