Fifty Shades Tips to Spice Up Your Halloween

The mass popularity of erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey is sure to reveal thousands of lip-biting Anastasia’s and a good number of men posing as billionaire dominant Christian Grey. Clad in the ever-sexy staple—fishnets—women will dress (yes, you guessed it) sexy, while men will put on a tie, a Venetian mask, and call it a costume. And the party will end there. Boring.

The recently launched Fifty Shades of Passion: An Erotic Guide to Exploring Fifty Shades of Your Lover turns up the risqué this Halloween—from dressing up tips, to undressing techniques, the erotic guide takes role playing beyond the party and into a year-around affair.

Here Are Five Tips To Make Sure You Get Your Treats This Halloween:

Tip #1 Dress Up As a Dominatrix: The real fun begins when the party’s over. Act out all of your domination or submission fantasies once you get home. Don’t forget this kind of play practically begs for props—handcuffs, gags, restraints, crops, floggers, bondage bars, candles, feather dusters, and all the rest.

Tip #2 The Best Part of Dressing Up is Taking it All Off: Bodysuits are costumes too! Find seductive suits made from different materials and enjoy an intense session of heightened sensual play. Wearing a bodysuit made of leather, vinyl or rubber creates a sensation of being swaddled, almost bound. And suits made from any of these materials not only shape and contour your body and make you look amazing, they feel amazing too.

Tip #3 Become a Woman (or Man) of Mystery: Under a hood or behind a mask, your familiar partner becomes a very sexy stranger. Face concealment enhances sex with an aura of mystery and an illusion of anonymity, and the result can be liberating for both partners as each one fully expresses long-held, secret fantasies and desires.

Tip #4
Naughty Nurses and School Girls Delight: Spanking is about mixing pleasure with pain, not inflicting pain for pain’s sake, so don’t just lay down the smack in the same spot over and over again. That leads to sore spots, which means that the pleasure factor has been removed—and who wants that? Be a good soldier: Left, right, left!

Tip #5 You Have the Right to Remain Excited: The best costumes are paired with props that can be used to titillate all night long. If you are a corrections officer, use a pair of fuzzy handcuffs to bind your lover’s wrists together, and let the interrogation begin once you arrive home. French maid? Don’t forget the feather duster. And remember every good librarian needs a sturdy ruler to punish the bad students.

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