Dan Koester on the Hidden History, Culture and Legacy of Microbrews and Breweries in America

Beer is almost as American as apple pie. It’s the go-to drink to wash down those hamburgers and hot dogs on the 4th of July and for cheering on your favorite football team or relaxing with friends after a game of softball.  But the history of beer in America is fascinating, and with craft breweries and microbreweries on the rise, it’s time to learn more about one of America’s favorite drinks from this engaging new book The American Book of Craft Breweries: The History, Culture and Legacy of Craft Breweries and Beers in America.

If you’re ready to enjoy craft beer on a new level, this is the book for you.

From Corporate Cans to Craft Beer Creativity

Pity those who have only experienced bland beer mass produced with inferior ingredients.  Now there is a new taste of beer to experience regularly made with love and skill by your local craft brewer. No need to be overwhelmed by the new choices when this handy guide by Dan Koester can teach you everything you need to know from prohibition to pumpkin ale.

Once you try locally made craft beer, you won’t feel the same about big-name mass-produced beers,” said Dan Koester.  “And when you learn what makes microbrews and craft beers so special, it’ll be hard to look at a can from the grocery store.”

Tastings? Seasonal Brews? This is Beer, Not Wine!

It is definitely not about being a beer snob,” Dan Koester said.  “But more and more, we’re learning to check out what is in all of the food and drink we consume. We want better, better quality and better taste. It isn’t complicated, just delicious.

If you want to know what you are drinking and how it all came to be, The American Book of Craft Breweries is a short and engaging review.  Enjoy it with a glass of your favorite beer before heading to the nearest beer festival to celebrate.

The American Book of Craft Breweries: The History, Culture and Legacy of Craft Breweries and Beers in America by Dan Koester will be available in print and eBook from Amazon.

About Dan Koester:

Dr. Dan Koester is a 1980 graduate of Marquette University Dental School. He enjoys traveling and biking with his wife and three children. Restoring a 1965 Barracuda and his current restoration project, a military M1009 truck, provide a diversion from real work. An avid sports fan that enjoys a good craft beer, he intends to sample offerings from as many craft breweries as possible. http://www.americanbookofcraftbreweries.com/