Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Message? Someecards are Smart, Sexy and Funny

Like all things in this world even the Valentine’s Card has gone digital. When you think about it a digital card make a lot more sense than a traditional Valentine’s Card. Firstly I like the fact no trees have to be harvested for me to send well wishes to my beloved. Being able to send my card from the convenience of my computer is another big plus.

There are a plethora of ecard stores on the web you can send a digital card from, I would strongly suggest checking out Someecard.com. You have probably seen someecard’s hilarious digital cards on your friend’s Facebook and Twitter posts. I know my wife’s Facebook wall is covered Someecard’s smart and humorous cards.

Here are a few cards that all of us in the TMRZoo.com offices loved. Someecards are smart, sexy and funny. A lot of them are downright dirty, but we all want to get a little dirty this St. Valentine’s Day, don’t we? Someecards even has some cards branded by the lovely Jenny McCarthy. Check out our favorites below and dont forget to visit Someecards.com

someecards.com - May your Valentine's Day sex be filthier than the drinking water in Sochi.

someecards.com - Don't forget that blow jobs are like flowers for men

someecards.com - I'd like to dedicate this boner to you

someecards.com - Let's have sex before dinner to reduce the likelikhood that I accidentally fart on you in bed.