Keystone Light & Chuck Testa Challenge Fans To Join In “The Hunt for the Great White Stone”

This hunting season, Keystone Light partnered with Chuck Testa, owner of Ojai Valley Taxidermy and YouTube sensation, to launch “The Hunt for the Great White Stone.”

The Great White Stone is an elusive white can hiding in select orange multipacks of Keystone Light. From September through November, fans will be on the hunt for this elusive beast, and are encouraged to collect additional cans, either standard orange hunting cans or those featuring white antlers, to stack atop the Great White Stone to build a legendary mount.

Keystone Light & Chuck Testa Challenge Fans To Join In “The Hunt For The Great White Stone”

Keystone Light & Chuck Testa Challenge Fans To Join In “The Hunt For The Great White Stone”
The initial plan to launch the limited edition cans was for Keystone Light and Testa to create a standard commercial together. Upon further deliberation though, Keystone Light has opted to release a behind the scenes look at the hilariousness that ensued as a direct result of working with the eccentric Ojai taxidermist.

“Our partnership with Chuck Testa started out of a desire to create a pretty simple commercial,” says Franco Davis, the fictitious director of this fictitious Keystone Light commercial. “While that did not go even remotely according to plan, what we got was still something pretty special…I suppose.”

Footage of the puzzling, yet charming faux-effort can be seen here:

Testa first rose to internet stardom after launching his own Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy TV Commercial on YouTube in 2011.

“I’m so excited to be working with Keystone Light,” says Testa. “The commercial shoot went great. Not the biggest fan of the director Franco, and neither were the animals, but I think we got something real special for Keystone Light.”

Testa encourages viewers to participate in “The Hunt for The Great White Stone,” by heading to their local store to “bag a legend.” Fans can build as large and creative of a mount as possible utilizing orange and white antler cans atop a Great White Stone and post it to the Keystone Light Facebook page for all to see!

For more information on joining in “The Hunt for the Great White Stone,” tips from Chuck Testa on bagging a legend or to share images of your legendary mount for a chance at Keystone Light prizes, visit:

For more information on Chuck Testa and Ojai Valley Taxidermy please visit:

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