New for NAMM 2016: Drop-in TV Jones Tele Pickups

TV Jones is proud to announce that it has begun producing and selling drop-in Telecaster pickups with a T-Armond flair.

“We never release anything until it is just right, in my mind – and my ear,” said company founder and CEO TV (Tom) Jones. “As I prepared for the recent NAMM show, my goal was to introduce vintage-style drop-in Tele pickups. I was winding typical stock bobbins with standard alnico magnets and magnet wire. I had a tone in the back of my mind, yet couldn’t quite put my finger on it. But while listening to one of my employees playing our new Spectra Sonic Standard guitar in the background – everything connected. That was the tone I was looking for! I had to figure out how to connect the Tele and T-Armond tones together.”

“I went home and slept on it, woke up early Saturday morning – just days before the Winter Namm trade show. I went into work and started all over from scratch. I built bobbins to accommodate our custom-made T-Armond magnets, incorporated our T-Armond magnet wire and started winding. I finished the first prototypes, installed them in my Fender Tele®, plugged it into my Marshall 1974X, cranked it up – and I was floored! Even the neck pickup, which can typically be on the mellow side, completely delivered! The tone was thick and sassy, both pickups filled the room with amazing harmonics.”

The result is a brand-new design for Tele® single-coil players. The new pickups are defined as a hybrid of sorts – and they are most certainly the traditional size and shape of Tele® neck and bridge pickups.

“Make no mistake,” said Jones, “these are not T-Armonds – they are a completely new and unique type of pickup. They have been a long time coming. We have had requests for drop-in Tele® pickups for years, and there are many great vintage Tele pickups out there, but I didn’t want to go down that road – everybody does, and they do it well. The new set will be a workhorse for so many players and styles… We cannot wait to hear what comes back!”

• Bridge DCR: 11.13 K
• Bridge Inductance: 3.13 H
• Neck DCR: 7.32 K
• Neck Inductance: 2.21 H


  • Bridge $120
    • Neck $125 (add $5 for gold)

For more information, please visit

The Guitar used in the video: Chris Casello plays a Fender® Telecaster® (made in Mexico), featuring a USA Fender® steel ashtray bridge with brass saddles. Internal components are CTS 250K pots, an .047uF capacitor, a CRL 3-way switch, a Switchcraft jack, and D’Addario 10-46 strings. The amplifier used is a Billy Zoom Blue amp, played clean through a Wampler Faux AnalogEcho. Overdrive comes via a Wampler Deluxe Pinnacle (vintage mode).