Seagram’s Introduces All-New Hard Soda

Seagram’s announced today the exciting launch of a new line of Hard Sodas set to hit shelves nationally on March 1, 2016.  Seagram’s Hard Soda will be available in a range of flavors including Cherry Cola, Grape Soda, Lemon n’ Lime and Orange Cream.  Lemon n’ Lime and Orange Cream are now available early in select Publix stores in the Southeast.

Hard sodas are a quickly emerging category in the alcoholic beverage industry.  With the introduction of this new product line, Seagram’s seeks to target young adults looking to discover a variety of new flavor experiences.  Hard sodas appeal to this group by providing them with the same great flavors that they grew up loving.   The sweetness tempts the taste buds and provides a refreshing departure from ordinary alcoholic beverage choices.

“Seagram’s has a history in offering high quality beverages. The new Hard Soda brand builds off of this reputation, targeting a new group of key consumers,” said Jennifer McCauley-Topor, Associate Brand Director of Seagram’s.  “Seagram’s Hard Sodas will offer consumers great tasting liquids in familiar and time-honored flavors.”

With a variety of tasty options, Seagram’s Hard Soda will surely appeal to anyone with a desire for a deliciously curious concoction. As the packaging suggests to consumers – to get it feeling right, chill.

About Seagram’s Hard Soda
Seagram’s Hard Soda is produced at High Falls Brewery in Rochester, New York and is a part of the North American Breweries family. NAB is one of the county’s leading beer suppliers, brewing high quality products at its four breweries, including three dedicated craft breweries, and importing beer from both Canada and Costa Rica. Its diverse portfolio and world class employees have transformed NAB into a segment leader and a credible flavored malt beverage and craft supplier. For more information,