Review: Mystics Anonymous – She Wanted the Future

This fourth E.P., She Wanted the Future, from the Northampton Massachusetts-based group, Mystics Anonymous, is, in this writer’s opinion, a journey through a variety of popular genres that today’s audiences are attracted to, all wrapped into one visionary sound that is highly enjoyable. With the vocals/bass guitar of Jeff Steblea along with his comrades, Brian Marchese, Matt Silberstein, and Andrew Goulet, this unique package should have a solid place in whatever your favorite listening device is.

The opening, title track, “She Wanted a Future,” sticks in your head, so catchy, a sort of Blink-182 inspired-from-their-“All the Small Things” excursion.   Strong lyrics for “Imperfections” is the band’s perspective on current politics and the atmosphere of violence.   “(I Want to Be A) Mathematical Rarity” is equally appealing, an album that grows on you quickly with its references and/or tip of the hat to   Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Barenaked Ladies. It concludes with a sixties psychedelic echo guitar. “Maudlin, You Liar” is more of – and most welcome – sixties retro musical styling, a little “Manic Depression” beat from Mitch Mitchell,  a dash of Jefferson  Airplane/Jorma Kaukonen guitar playing  with Steblea’s  vocal channeling Mr. Mojo Rising himself throughout the track.  It all closes out with a cosmic sound for “St. Elmo’s Fire,” which has nothing to do with the John Parr track from the 1984 film – it’s a cover of Brian Eno’s tune of the same name and it’s got everything.   And so does this disc. It’s a keeper.

Thanks to guest contributor Ed Wrobleski  for this review.