Atmospheric Black Metal Artist AQUILUS Will Be Dropping The Highly-Anticipated Bellum I

Enigmatic, atmospheric metal band AQUILUS became one of the most whispered-about secrets in the metal world, following the quiet release of their debut album Griseus in 2011.

A 2013 vinyl release by Blood Music rocketed the band into public consciousness, and Griseus slowly amassed a following of devoted worldwide fans. The album ultimately climbed its way to being voted #1 album of the decade on top metal ratings site MetalStorm.

Conceived in the early 2000’s, AQUILUS released two experimental demos before self-releasing the Arbor EP in 2007 [re-released in 2013 by Blood Music]. The band’s debut album Griseus was self-released in 2011 before amassing its cult status.

For the past ten years, an epic, sophomore masterwork has been-in-the-making. So legendary, in fact, that fans hardly believe it exists! The opus grew so furiously, the decision was made to split the work into two parts, culminating with the 2021 release of the first album – Bellum I.

Bellum I showcases the band’s rare amalgam of authentic classical, European folk, and black metal influences, alongside AQUILUS’s unique multi-instrumentation and compositional complexity.

Metallic influences, ranging from early METALLICA to SOLEFALD, OPETH, and KATATONIA, combine with the grandiose beauty of the classical masters: RACHMANINOV and CHOPIN.

Bellum I also blends AQUILUS ‘s signature acoustic elements throughout the work with folk and Middle Eastern flavours. Solo instruments range from an assortment of acoustic guitars to pianos, violins, mandolas, balalaika, mandolins, banjos, gusli, bow psaltery, and fipple flutes – recalling the aurae and dexterity of emotive film composers BERNARD HERRMANN and THOMAS NEWMAN.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, AQUILUS’s music is composed and produced by one person – Horace Rosenqvist – recorded in collaboration with session musicians. The amount of detail poured into each note is immeasurable. Years of dedication are undertaken without compromise for performance nor recording quality to produce the finest work achievable.

Bellum I is a stunning tribute to perfection. A testament to the beauty and chaos of creation.

• 4-panel Digipak CD with 8-page booklet
• Jewel Case CD with 8-page booklet
Gatefold 2xLP

Digital Download:
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Track list:

1. The Night Winds of Avila
2. Into Wooded Hollows
3. Eternal Unrest
4. Moon Isabelline
5. The Silent Passing
6. Embered Waters
7. Lucille’s Gate
8. Empyreal Nightsky
Created by Horace Rosenqvist

Additional Musicians:
Percussion: Zebadee Scott
Violin: Hayley Anderson / Troy Schafer Operatic Vocals: Sasha Chaply
Fipple Flutes: Sara Orania

AQUILUS discography:
Arbor – 2007 [EP]
Griseus – 2011