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Did I Just Waste $22.50?
NTD on Monday - 

Had an unspent gift card expiring..  I got a few tools to make traditional nuts.  Still going to install this and the tools will help make the install look better.

Got that handy dandy feeler gauge holder coming from Stoo-mac and some nut blanks.  Their feeler gauges are outrageous.  I'll get some from Snap-on or Mac if the cheepos I have dont work out.

I figure at the very least I can make my own zero glide if this works out with a stainless wire.
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And the swag is here a little early. Almost forgot I ordered another shim - SM is now offering a .25 degree tapered.

An interesting thing is I saw 2 pieces of plastic in the box... Turns out they are shims. LOL
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Stew mac wants a fortune for all the stuff it requires to make nuts from a blank or a piece of anything. You should try some Tusq and Tusq XL blanks not real expensive way better solid and consistent material with lubrication if you use the XL. It is pretty easy to work with. I have been keeping the appointment cards from the Dr and using them for shims. Kenny uses some screen material not sure of the composition (metal or plastic) for large things like neck pockets.Something he picked up years ago for free I think been a couple years since we had that convo I had/have a sample somewhere.He just used that stuff to shim the neck on that Ibeenhad Soundgear god-awful 5 string Bass I couldn't put together , which turned into a monster smoking hot creature of mass destruction. The Bartolinis and 5.4 preamp have a million options for sounds and they are all pretty fantastic. Think I am about out of the guitar repair biz too much stupidity and too expensive for me to buy parts and tools. I have blah, blahed enough.
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I remember making a few with a set of needle files. The good old days - Meh!

I think its 6/6 nylon that is offered in sheets for an inexpensive nut material.
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Took advantage of some free cycles at work to divert myself to another task.. Fine-tuning an EJ Strat.

Got my nut file-fu going on. Its sitting at .014"-.016" at the 1st fret. Fender like their setup a bit high there. Even then, it can go down a wee little bit more once I get the truss rod settled.

Also swapped pickups and floated the bridge.

It will probably get shielding at the next string change. Baby steps.
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Brand new Fender guitars are supplied with their nut slots cut a little on the high side on the assumption that these can always be filed down to any customer's precise requirements. (It would be kinda tricky to add nut material back on.)
(12-23-2016, 08:25 PM)Funkfingers Wrote: (It would be kinda tricky to add nut material back on.)

Not anymore - The solution that's catching on comes straight from the Dentist's office.  UV cured filling material.  A long lasting quick fix.

I wished that I had a fix for the 11 year old sticky lacquer short of refinishing.
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