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Black Winters (good, bad, ugly)
Put a set of Black Winters in my Les Paul Studio tonight. Great sounding pickups. Work for all kinds of music. They turn a cheap guitar into an actual player guitar. Very sensitive to height, I noticed. Even a 1/2 turn of the height screws affected the frequency response and balance.

The bad and ugly is the baseplates are absolute shit. Some kind of thin crap weak metal that isn't threaded correctly and full of wax when you get it. Who needs thin weak metal painted black for the baseplate when no one will ever see it? Mine came with a bent leg on the bridge, tried to straighten it and it broke off before I could even install it. Sent it back, they took 2 weeks to just grab a different bridge PU off the shelf and send it to me (rather than fix the one I had from the set, so now the DCRs/output are farther off), but they kept my box for the set, so now I've got a bridge but no box for the set and no screws/springs for the neck. Emailed them 3 times and not one person even acknowledged or responded to me. The wires come out of the baseplate the wrong corner for a Les Paul (opposite of every other humbucker I own) so wire runs under the pickups to reach the channel in the guitar, shortening the length. Just f***in stupid. Last new Duncan purchase I make.

Posting here because I don't expect positive results raising issues 'over there.' Just felt like ranting/raving somewhere.

From now on, I buy used, or only buy Antiquities that Seymour made. I will consider Custom stuff from MJ. But that's where I draw the line.

Everyone should be armed ...until nobody has guns.
I had an issue with two separate WLH's being cacked with wax. It was oozing oit of the screw holes, blocking the terminals for the baseplate, and the wire was in the same position that you mentioned.

Do they sound good? Yes; However, it seems that there are corners being cut as well as cheaper materials uses to cut production costs while their new offerings climb in price.

Its a bit disappointing.
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
did they smell like patchouli and hippy chick armpits?

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