Monday, November 29, 2021

Guitar Gear Review: Jackson Limited Edition San Dimas SD22 JB

The San Dimas SD22 JB should be canon to every guitar nerd. It’s the red sparkle Jackson that Steve Vai (as “Jack Butler”) plays in the 1986 movie “Crossroads“. You know, the one with the dude from “Karate Kid”.

Bare Knuckle Pickups Silo Humbucker Set

The Silo humbuckers are the newest addition to Bare Knuckle’s contemporary category of pickups. They are made for, and in conjunction with, Rebea Massaad. You may know Rabea from his work with Frog Leap Studios or perhaps some of his demo videos. His demo of the BKP Ragnanok is a big hit, as are his videos of the BKP Boot Camp line of pickups. For me, I dig Rabea’s discussion on how to use a compressor. It’s one of the more misunderstood and commonly mis-used pedals. He lays it out so that even a guitar player can figure it out.

Guitar Gear Review: Mojotone 44 Magnum Humbucker Set

Mojotone has something else going on. “44” is actually the wire gauge at work in these pickups. And “magnum” essentially means “containing more than the standard size”. Still, there’s a lot of force in this magnum…. see what I did there? LOL!

Joe Viglione speaks to Dave Godbey and Ragin’ Contagion

Dave, who is the Ragin' Contagion? And why? It's clear that this CD was created by you during the lockdown. What does the album...

Hotline to the Underground July 5 2021

12 songs by The Ragin' Contagion - a band featuring David Godbey of Fox Pass

Hotline To The Underground: Andy Hollinger and Mr. Curt perform Bobby Hebb’s “SUNNY”

Hear Andy Hollinger and Mr. Curt perform Bobby Hebb's "SUNNY" on Kernels for the Birds

Hotline to the Underground: Robin Lane – It’s Your World

The approach on “You're So Special” is very different

Hotline to the Underground: Joey Molland – Be True To Yourself

The four minutes and fifty-eight seconds of opening track "This Time" sweep in with majesty and authority

The Long Awaited Book The Rock And Roll Animal Tour

In these days when the extended-play (E.P.) is more in vogue, Alice Cooper delivers 15 tracks, an album and a half back in the...

Guitar Gear Review: Wampler Dracarys Distortion

Just because a Lambogini is designed to go 160 mph doesn't mean you can't drive it on a 40 mph road.

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