2008 Dezod Desert Showdown

Chandler, Arizona – TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE! Register before it’s too late! Race and Show tickets will go up in price on May 19th (+$20), and even more on the day of the event. Dezod Desert Showdown is the show where you can race your car on the 1.1 mile road course, enter it in a massive car show, or do both!

DATE: May 31st, 2008
LOCATION: Firebird International Raceway
20,000 S. Maricopa Road
Box 5023
Chandler, Arizona 85226
Roll-In: 7AM (Race), 8AM (Show)
Gates Open to Public: 10AM

Dezod is BIG into Honda and Scion, in addition to many other vehicles. I think this would make for some great competition. The race is open to ALL CARS, providing they pass inspection. We have broken down the racing into different groups. The track is Firebird West. It is a 1.1 mile road race circuit. We will also have the large adjacent lot for a full car show, which is a skidpad lot. Big Two Toyota, AEM, and Competition Clutch have sponsored the event. The car show will be huge! With 40 trophies being given out, we expect a lot of cars. So tell your friends!



We are using a points based system for the classes of cars. This will keep cars with similar performance in their own groups. There are a total of 10 classes for racing now, rather than the original 6. Please refer to the points system below to find out what class you are in.

Helmets are required! Helmet must be Snell, M or SA rated. We will have a special sale on helmets available on the store by April 18th. Click HERE or visit the store front to purchase your helmet if you dont already have one.

Keep in mind of the extreme heat in Arizona. Plan on bringing lots of drinking water (1 gallon or more), an umbrella and/or sunblock if possible). We are working on having multiple oil types available for sale, in addition to brake fluid, coolant, and coolant additives. Please bring your own if you need something specific. We carry Motul fluids only.

All cars start at 0. Zero will be known as the street class. 1s will be classified as Mild. 2s will be classified as Wild. 3s or greater will be classified as Unlimited. Cars in the unlimited class will not be separated by drivetrain. Drivetrains are front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive. Engine location will not affect classification. The 1.3L Renesis engine found in the RX-8 is classified as a 4 cylinder motor. All cars start as a zero. Points are added for the following modifications:

+1 – Turbo/Supercharged 4 cylinder from factory.
+1 – Aftermarket turbo on a non-turbo car
+1 – Aftermarket Supercharger on a non-supercharged car
+1 – Turbo Upgrade on a factory turbo car
+1 – S/C Upgrade/Pulley Upgrade on a factory supercharged car
+1 – Nitrous
+1 – Engine swap to a more powerful motor
+1 – Rotary Engines larger than 1.3L
+1 – 6 Cylinder vehicles
+2 – 8 Cylinder vehicles or greater
+1 – DOT Approved Tires with treadware of less than 140.
+2 – Non DOT Approved Tires

Honda Civic with Intake, Header, Coilovers – Street FWD (0)
2005 Scion tC with Dezod Turbo kit – Mild FWD Class (+1)
2004 Mazda RX-8 with Greddy Turbo kit – Mild RWD Class (+1)
2005 STi with Turbo Upgrade – Wild AWD Class (+2)
1994 240SX with SR20DET, Turbo Upgrade, R-Compounds – Unlimited (+3)
2003 Evo 8 with turbo upgrade and slicks – Unlimited (+4)
Each class will have its own trophy. The total amount of trophies will be 10. There are 3 trophies per drivetrain type (street, mild, wild). All Unlimiteds will compete for the same trophy. This is NOT intended for wheel to wheel racing, so do not worry about crashing into anyone, or anyone crashing into you. This is a time attack event.

The inspection process will be done at the event. Please make sure you cover the obvious. There can NOT be lose pieces inside the car (floor mats, radar detectors, etc). There can not be any missing lug nuts. If you show up without lug nuts on your wheels, expect to fail. Batteries must be securely fastened, as with other parts in the engine. Helmets are required, and are available on the store if you don’t have one. We will have some helmets for sale at the show as well.

Racer Admission: $70 (Includes 1 spectator ticket, you can still purchase a show admission)

Roll-in is at 7 AM! DO NOT SHOW UP LATE! Please show up on time or line up outside the gate before 7:00AM (AZT).

Racer Schedule:

Please expect things to be moving quickly. Come prepared. Cars that fail to adhere to the schedule may miss key components of the event, which may result in not being able to race. If you have issues with your car, you will be allowed some time between sessions to work on it.

7:00AM Roll-in
Classroom session
Low speed parade / familiarization laps
10-20 min practice session #1
Download session after practice
10-20 min practice session #2
Download session after practice
Mandatory Time Attack meeting
Time Attack (1 warm up, 2 timed laps, 1 cool down lap)
Winners determined. Cars finishing within .1 seconds of each other for first place will get a second run to determine ultimate winner.

Car Show: (Limited to first 120 Registrants)

We plan on separating the cars by groups. Because there are no team awards, expect to be with your manufacturer. The event is very large, and to allow more time for judging we will be organizing the parking layout. The classes are as follows:

Scion tC 1st-3rd
Scion xA/xD 1st-3rd
Scion xB 1st-3rd
Honda 1st-3rd
Nissan/Infinity 1st-3rd
Toyota/Lexus 1st-3rd
Mitsubishi/Subaru 1st-3rd
Mazda 1st-3rd
Domestic 1st-3rd
German 1st-3rd

Please note that this has been determined due to online interest. We want the show to be fair for everyone. I know a lot of people will be coming from all over the country, so it will be worth your while. If the registrations show too many cars for one category, we will split it to make things more fair.

General Show Info:

BRING SUNBLOCK! There will be stands selling food and beverages. Umbrellas help as well. If you wish to have a special display for your vehicle, please email our sales team for special arrangements, and an extra fee (depending on needs).

There will be music and a concession stand.

Expect to meet a lot of new people, in addition to the local friends you are familiar with.

Be sure to check out the Dezod booth and introduce yourself to Paul and Enrique from Dezod Motorsports, and myself (Joe from Dezod West). We’d love to meet you!


Racer admission – $70 (includes 1 spectator ticket)
Show Admission – $25 (includes 1 spectator ticket)
Spectator – $10 (12 and under are Free)
Bundle Entry – $85 (Includes a race and a show entry, and 1 spectator ticket). Do this if you want to enter your vehicle in both the show and race event.
Tuning admission – $50 (tune only, by Dezod, spectator admissions are separate, covers one car entry (driver included), but no show or race registration)
The 31st is a Saturday. It will be pretty hot here in AZ so bring drinks, sunscreen, and some coolant!

Once you receive your digital confirmation, please PRINT OUT your order confirmation number. You will be emailed this number as well when you check out in our system. If you have any other questions please email us. Sales@DezodWest.com