Not Just T and A -Pin-up Model Sazzy Lee Varga makes waves at CNN with her foundation “The Tibetan Photo Project”

freakin yummyCARLSBAD, CA, May 19, 2008 – We have all seen the Playboy Photos, Sexy Calendars, Books, and Posters but now Sazzy Lee Varga branches out into a new direction proving she is much more then just a beautiful face (and body). The Tibetan Photo Project co-founded by Varga received a series of emails initiated by producer Jessica Ellis of CNN, indicating the news giants’ interest in featuring the Tibetan Photo Project on their new program on CNN and CNN International News titled “iReport For CNN”. Premier air date is set for May 20th. 2008, at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. ET.

“iReport For CNN” is the world as YOU see it. CNN’s website calls these reports, ” a fast-paced, first person news show. It’s your videos, your pictures, your stories.” “Unedited, Unfiltered, News”. It is the first cable news program comprised entirely of user-generated video, pictures and stories showcased in an original, fast-paced and interactive show on CNN. Award-winning anchor Michael Holmes hosts the show.

The show gives you the information BEHIND the Web’s most talked about videos. ” iReport For CNN ” also features the week’s best “iReports” with exclusive eyewitness interviews, and’s “Most Popular” videos.

Asked how she feels about being one of the 10 percent of video/news events selected to be on “iReport” and the even smaller percentage asked to be featured on the CNN International broadcast, Varga says, “I am absolutely thrilled we are being features on CNN. Joe my co-founder and I started the foundation in 2000 out of desire to do something right for a people in need. To show their (The Tibetans) world to others and educate about the Tibetans who live in exile so that they can simply be Tibetans. It was our hope that we could make even a small deference, and we are proving that ever small step can help, we can make a difference if we have the courage to take action.” “iReport has also been a real eye opener as to the negative side of the humanity as I have had Chinese radicals post death threats as well as make up news reports that I have been involved in road side bombings in Tibet and buried alive. This tell me my voice and the voice of The Tibetan Photo Project are hitting a nerve.”

Brief history of the Project; The Tibetan Photo Project began during the 2000 Mendocino Music Festival when Joe Mickey, a professional photographer, teacher and photojournalist, was introduced to a sponsorship program for monks living in exile in southern India. Mickey sent a disposable camera and was provided a glimpse into the everyday lives of the monks. This was the first time the monks had used photography in their efforts to preserve their culture, which has been systematically destroyed by the Chinese over the last 54 years.

Varga, who has a long list of acting, directing and modeling credits offered to build and support a Website and the Tibetan Photo Project was introduced to the potential of a worldwide audience.

The project has as received two letters of support from the Tibetan government in exile and the Office of the Dalai Lama.

To date, the combined circulation of Western publications that have reported on the Tibetan exile community through coverage of The Tibetan Photo Project is 26 million.

Parade Magazine reported on the project and called the photos by Tibetan monks in exile “REWARDING.”

Currently The Tibetan Photo Project also features two traveling museum shows as well as a slide and lecture series which Mickey or Varga host. Varga says, “This is the first time a photo exhibit of this type has been done. It is not a look from a Western eye but from the people themselves living in exile. It gives a whole new perspective on the exile community. We are currently looking for a new home for the galley shows so please let us know if you are interested in hosting the exhibit.”