6 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Merlot

TMRzoo.com/ – Lake County, CA, July 12, 2008 -To help you choose the perfect merlot for your taste, we’ve put together 6 tips for selecting the perfect merlot by Rim Rock Ranch.

Choose to your taste
Merlot comes in 3 styles: fruity and soft, medium weight, and full and rich. Consider your taste as well as your guests before making a selection

Check I.D
Like most wines, merlot matures at a certain age. Most merlot is best aged between 3-8 years, though some need 10-15. Check the label for more information.

Be Specific
The more specific the region on the label, the higher the quality of wine is likely to be. For example: if a label says it is from “Northern California”, it may not be very good. Now, if the label said it was from a certain mountain, valley, or vineyard the quality is likely to be much higher.

Where is it From?
The two main Merlot producers are California and France. Choosing a Merlot from one of these regions is your best bet. While California Merlot is more fruity, Merlot from France is a good balance of the fruit and non-fruit taste. Lighter Taste?

Go Abroad
If you are new to wine tasting or your taste in wine is a bit light, try a Merlot from Italy. The Merlot wines from Italy tend to be much lighter than the heavier ones found in California and France.

Consider your Diet
Checking the label for calorie count, ingredients you might not want to ingest, and unwelcome chemicals is always important. Most wines are low in fat and actually quite healthy in small quantities.

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