Stella Artois to acquire new look this September

InBev is to relaunch its Stella Artois bottles with a new look in a bid to attract more shoppers to the brand, the Publican informed on August 21.

The Belgian-owned company has revamped both primary and secondary packaging to help the products stand out on shelf. The new packs will reach UK supermarkets next month, before being rolled out to other countries.

The new design prominently displays the Leuven horn symbol and the message “Anno 1366” and incorporates a new message – “Premium Lager Beer”.

The 330ml and 250ml bottles are best-in-class in terms of bottle weight. They are, on average, 81 per cent recycled and 100 per cent recyclable.

Stella has suffered recently due to negative connotations associated with high-strength lagers. However, latest independent consumer research by brand consultancy Synovate has shown that the frequency with which respondents reply that Stella Artois is “high quality” has improved by 20 per cent since February 2007.

InBev UK President Stuart MacFarlane said: “This design update will help to build the success of Stella Artois.

“This change will have no impact on the taste or the product characteristics of Stella Artois. By harmonizing the ABV we are providing the consumer with clarity and this will allow consumers to enjoy a consistent strength lager at home or in the pub.”

“Beer buyers are faced with a huge choice – so great packaging is absolutely crucial for retail success. This design will help build the brand even further by reinforcing its appeal to established drinkers and attracting new customers,” he added.