Bud Light’s ‘Conan O’Brien’s Swedish Commercial’ Takes Home The Top Hardware at ‘Commercial Bowl’ 2009

Audi’s “Jason Statham Racing Through Time” and Bridgestone’s “The Potato Head Family” Take Home The Silver and Bronze Prizes

The Pittsburgh Steelers may have captured the Lombardi trophy last night at Super Bowl XLIII, but the most important prize of the night went to Bud Light’s “Conan O’Brien’s Swedish Commercial”, as SPIKE.com users made it the winner of “Commercial Bowl” 2009 (http://www.spike.com/superbowl). The winning advertisement features Conan O’Brien’s manager talking him into doing a Bud Light commercial that he thinks will only be seen in Sweden, and with its hilarious Euro cliche-induced consequences, it was the most viewed commercial of the night by SPIKE.com viewers, taking home the evening’s top prize as the Super Bowl ad guys liked most.

Not far behind were commercials from Audi, involving Action star Jason Statham in a car chase through time that places him in one decade’s getaway vehicle after another, and Bridgestone, which featured Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head out for a drive, with Mrs. Potato Head doing most of the talking. Those advertisements finished in second and third place in the online viewing, respectively.

The 5 Super Bowl ads guys liked most based on views on SPIKE.com were as follows:

1. Bud Light – Conan O’Brien’s Swedish Commercial

2. Audi – Jason Statham Racing Through Time

3. Bridgestone – The Potato Head Family

4. Pepsi Max – I’m Good

5. Teleflora.com – Sassy Flowers

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