Stacie Rose Releases Her Third Full-length CD Release Shotgun Daisy

video inside post By Joseph Tell – Guest Contributor

The 12-song CD Shotgun Daisy concentrates on intricate melodies, layered vocal harmonies and musical textures. Singer-songwriter Stacie Rose creates an album that is catchy and quirky, poppy and mellow, hook-filled and unique. Influenced by Fleetwood Mac, the New Jersey-based Rose balances the individual spirit of Stevie Nicks with the polished excellence of Christine McVie.

The opening “Find Your Way” is irresistible mid-tempo pop that would have fit any of Mac’s chart-topping discs. With vocal support from Shawn Mullins, Rose brings a brilliant contemporary arrangement to “Run Out.” “Wreck At Best” bursts with dynamic changes, weaving guitars and ingenious percussion. “Love Says” has some slinky, hypnotic backgrounds to captivate listeners, while “Not Listening” uses voice-phasing production to achieve its offbeat sound.

Her third full-length CD release, Shotgun Daisy displays Rose’s distinctive melodies and intimate vocals, although the delicate “December” demands repeated spins to be fully appreciated. The ambient, six-minute ballad doesn’t so much jump out at you, as unfold anew with each fresh listening.

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