Howard TV Presents the New “Killers of Comedy on the Road” Series

Beet Rocks!video inside post Howard Stern’s Howard TV On Demand presents a brand new series that peeks behind the scenes to life on the road with a group of Howard Stern comedians and assorted “Wack Packers” as they travel the country performing for equally wild fans. Killers of Comedy On the Road is an exclusive new Howard TV six-part series featuring a wild line-up of dysfunctional comedians and the promoter who tries to wrangle them as they tour Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Tempe, St. Louis and Indianapolis. Featuring Rev. Bob Levy, Jim Florentine, Shuli, Yucko the Clown, Sal The Stockbroker, The Iron Sheik and Beetlejuice. The show is a litany of assorted dramas, including all the backstage antics, stresses, last-minute craziness, missing talent, dirty jokes, not enough seats, tattoos, unruly hecklers, broken teeth, crew meltdowns, cursing, partying, and general over-the-top high jinks that only this bunch could generate.

The series is produced by CleanBox Entertainment and Third Floor Films; created by Sequoia Slentz and John Bovenizer; produced by Michael Maccarone and Tom Ragazzo. Doug Z. Goodstein is the Executive Producer and for Howard TV On Demand.

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