Howard Stern to Comedian Jerry Lewis: Acknowledge Your Biological Daughter

From the Star Time News:

During a live radio interview with Howard Stern, the controversial talk show host offered this scenario to Suzan Lewis, the biological daughter of entertainer, Jerry Lewis: “Maybe if you’d had Muscular Dystrophy you would have been more accepted (by your father). You’re a little too healthy.” Stern’s comments ring true when you consider Jerry Lewis’ dedication to, “Jerry’s Kids,” a term coined by Lewis himself which refers to victims of Muscular Dystrophy. Stern also drew a parallel to “the king of comedy’s” total lack of response to his own kid as torturing her.

DNA test results positively linking Suzan Lewis to her father Jerry Lewis were made public on TV’s Inside Edition. Despite the conclusive scientific evidence, the pain has gotten worse for Suzan. Jerry Lewis still remains silent about his 57 year old daughter. How can someone bring a human being into this world, and then cast her aside, when all she wants is her father’s acceptance? In this case only Jerry Lewis can answer that question. A close friend of Suzan Lewis said, “It’s the worst kind of mental cruelty. It’s hard to believe they call the child “Illegitimate,” when it’s the deadbeat parent who deserves the title. Gary Lewis, is the first born child of entertainer Jerry Lewis, and is the rock ‘n’ roll legend of, “Gary Lewis and the Playboys.” He gave his DNA for the test because, “No body else in the family came forward to help Suzan, and everyone deserves to know where they came from and who they are.” The test proved that Suzan and Gary Lewis share the same biological father.

Suzan Lewis has known she is the daughter of the original, “Nutty Professor,” since her mother told her the facts in 1976. Her mom even signed a legal statement swearing to that fact. But Jerry Lewis only spent one day with Suzan, and that was in Paris, France in 1980. Suzan was living in Paris at the time, and went to the hotel where her father was staying. Suzan claims Jerry not only confessed to being her father that day, but together they called her mother who was in the USA. When Suzan attempted to call her father the next day, at his suggestion, he got word to Suzan through his manager, that he wouldn’t see her anymore in fear that someone would catch on they were daughter and dad. No amount of personal letters, private birthday greetings, or even phone calls to Jerry Lewis’ home would get the Oscar winning, “humanitarian,” to respond to Suzan.

Suzan, who bears an uncanny likeness to her father, claims that she was devastated each time she would see him on TV lamenting that the father of six sons wished he had a daughter. The pain became unbearable when Jerry Lewis and his wife SanDee adopted a female child in March of 1992, because he continues to this day to brag that he “finally has the daughter” he could never have.

When Suzan went to see her father’s performance in New York City in late 2008, someone from his staff spotted her in the front row, and she was told by theater staff that, “Mr. Lewis will not go on stage unless you move your seat to the back of the theater, or leave!” Suzan who is disabled, refused to move, and the show finally began, 20 minutes late. But the damage was done to Suzan, and the mental anguish continued.

Suzan Lewis wants nothing more from her father except his acknowledgement and acceptance. The formerly homeless woman who still suffers from the ravages of pain from her nearly fatal 1990s automobile accident, is working towards being an entertainer and lecturer, speaking in behalf of the homeless and disabled. Her father’s endorsement will go along way to help Suzan to help others. But that does not seem to be in the cards.

Jerry Lewis became National Chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association in 1952, the same year Suzan Lewis was born. He was given the 2009 Gene Hersholt Humanitarian Award, by the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences, for his tireless efforts in behalf of, “Jerry’s Kids.” But the Muscular Dystrophy Association and its National Chairman, Jerry Lewis, should do some serious soul searching about a positive response to Suzan Lewis before the next MDA telethon. Americans are by enlarge supporters of wholesome family values.