Spirits Up at Bruichladdich

Bruichladdich, the progressive Hebridean distiller, reports continued growth in 2008.

Sales increased for the privately owned, Scottish company by 15% for the year ending 31/12/08, up to £7.89m from £6.86m in 2007, slightly ahead of forecast.

Pre-tax profit increased by 42% to £1.07m, from £0.75 in 2007 despite significant investments in an enterprise resource planning system, and other exceptional costs.

Bruichladdich’s success comes when industry analysts expect 2008 single malt sales to have fallen, even though being up 2.6% in the UK according to HM Revenue & Customs.

“Despite the environment – economic climate change, global financial warming, and banking meltdown – we are forecasting continued growth” said CEO Mark Reynier.

“Bruichladdich appeals to sophisticated palates, while the variety of our bottlings stimulates the more open-minded consumer. We’re not only preaching to the converted.”

“This is an exciting, innovative, but authentic brand, in a deeply consolidated industry where 80% of production is owned by 5 groups. We are premium, quality and niche.”

All profits are re-invested in the business. 2009 distillation will increase 15% to 800,000 litres of alcohol from traceable barley grown on 23 Islay and mainland scotland farms