Attention Span Media Launches “Dorm Life – Semester 2”

video inside post #1 Web Series on Hulu Tops 5 Million Views, kicks off new season

Attention Span Media (ASM), the Los Angeles-based social media studio, announced the much-anticipated second season of its runaway hit series, “Dorm Life,” with Carl’s Jr.® as the new season’s major sponsor. The first episode of “Dorm Life — Semester 2” hits Hulu, Facebook and other select online video venues on March 2, with exclusive preview access on MySpace Video 48 hours in advance throughout the season.

Currently topping 5 million views and ranked as Hulu’s #1 all-time most popular web series, the mockumentary show chronicles the experiences of ten college students residing on “5 South,” a dorm floor on a fictional campus. The original 20-episode series debuted February 2008 at

Among Dorm Life’s vast audience of college and high-school students, the series has become a web phenomenon, turning students from casual viewers to ardent fans who have spread the word about the show among on-campus friends and have shared links to episodes with friends at colleges across the country via Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.


“We stoked the groundswell among fans by responding to thousands of comments, emails, and Twitter messages in character and on every digital platform,” said Josh McHugh, ASM President. “Dorm Life superfans on several campuses even received birthday phone calls from the cast, and in two instances fans asked Dorm Life character Gopher to be their prom date. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts prohibited him from accepting the offers.”

It was through Dorm Life’s two-way communication with ardent fans, many of whom who had watched all 20 episodes of the show’s first season, that the demand for season 2 poured in.
“Dorm Life’s fans were vocal and demonstrative in their desire for season 2 – some almost to the point of violence,” added ASM creative director Brian Singleton, one of Dorm Life’s co-creators. “But when they discovered that the new season was actually happening, their hearts were filled with joy and they laid down their pitchforks.”

“Carl’s Jr. is excited to sponsor the second season of the hit mockumentary, Dorm Life,” said Anne Blumenstein, vice president of marketing at Carl’s Jr. “Our customers are young, hungry guys so it makes perfect sense to sponsor webisodes that speak directly to them. We can’t wait to see what the producers at Attention Span Media have in store for the kids in 5 South this season.”
Semester 2 arrived February 28 in the debut of a season-long Saturday exclusive on MySpace ( . Episodes go live on Mondays starting March 2 on Hulu ( ), on the Dorm Life audience hub ( ) and on YouTube

( ). Additional bonus content distribution partners include (mobile) and Metacafe.

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