TMR Music Review: Chickenfoot

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What the hell is Chickenfoot you may ask? This is Heavy Metal’s new super group with Sammy Hagar (Montrose, Van Halen) on vocals, Joe Satriani on guitar, Michael Anthony (Van Halen) on bass and Chad Smith (The Red Hot Chili Peppers) on drums.

Sounds like really good Van Halen but with great drumming and a guitarist that didn’t stop innovating 20 years ago.

Joe Satriani sounds so much better with a full band. I have only heard a sampling but this is the best stuff I have heard in a long time, these guys are rocking.

One track that blows me away is “Down The Drain”. This is a classic funky groove orientated heavy metal tune with a huge back beat. Micheal Antony’s bass lends that VH tone and you suddenly realize how important he is to that VH sound, sorry Wolfgang. Joe Satriani spanks the shit out of the arraignment with some burning lead guitar.

“Soap On A Rope” is another VH sounding tune. Classic Hager vocals and a huge guitar sound from JS. One thing that stands out is these guy are playing with the meters and the timing. Maybe to entertain themselves maybe to entertain us but there is some funky stuff going on. Once again JS fries the fretboard and singes your ears with another killer solo.


Other stand outs on this album are “Oh Yeah” and power ballad “Learning To Fall” which right when you think you are listening to a standard slow jam Chickenfoot mix it up and add some cool textures.

If there is one song that is blowing me away it is “Get It Up” this song is a departure from anything any of these guys have done with their former bands. I am thinking this is what Chickenfoot sounds like.

The bass and the drums are pounding and Micheal Anthony has a lot more room than he ever did with VH. Hagar’s vocals are strong as ever, this guy has never missed a beat anyway. Once again JS hits us with a sonic torrent of notes with one of the coolest solos I have heard in a long time.

Van Halen is back! Surprisingly Eddie and Alex are not in the band anymore. This is hands down better than anything Van Halen has produced in the past 20 years. Fresh imaginative and energetic, this is a must have for fans of any of these musicians or their former bands.

Now if we could only get Axl Rose to leave Guns & Roses….

This is a great fun CD and will be available June 5th. Go to Amazon ad get the preorder. You won’t be sorry.