My Top 3 Big Beer and Music Pairings

With summer right around the corner, yeah I said around the corner because in the northeast were still experiencing some unseasonable cold and wet weather. 

And with this bad weather I sometimes like to contemplate on the good times of the warmth and one of my favorite things to do is listen to some tunes while sippin’ on a big brew outside and it got me thinking when drinking an “extreme” brew what CD or more appropriately which album on my ipod should be on in the background?  So here is my top 3….. 

3) He’Brew’s Bittersweet Lenny’s R.I.P.A. paired with the Godfather of soul Jame’s Brown:  this offering from He’Brew lends some unique hoppiness and seductive malty notes which make JB’s music the perfect match with his funky soul, playful gospel feel and raspy sometimes indiscernible voice all lending a great compliment to the funky rye ascpect of this beer and you know after a few sips it feels as though the hops and malts are dancing like the Godfather himself on your palate.

2)  Southern Tier’s Jahva Imperial Coffee Stout paired with Thelonius Monk:  Sometime it gets cold in the summer and this offering from ST will hit the spot, it pours a “round midnight” black.  The aroma is chocolate, coffee, caramel, espresso with a brisk citrus hop feel that bebops on your palate like a highly percussive attack.  This beer flows with the styles of Monk as they both give you this fantastic performance shaking your head all along the ride.

1) Abbaye Des Roc’s Grand Cru paired with Chuck Berry: This offering from Abbaye Des Roc pours a cloudy brown with some yeast residue floating around.  This 10% beer is full of a ton of fruit notes, peach, plum, raisins, dates, figs, and just like the backbone of a great Belgian strong ale is that fruity Belgian playful yeast Chuck Berry’s guitar riffs and originality lend to some of the greatest rock and roll music created and the marriage of this unique beer with Berry’s music couldn’t be more perfect.   

Cheers, Frank