A.P.B. The Grand Theft Auto-Style MMO Has A Release Date And Pricing

Grand theft APBA.P.B., the Grand Theft Auto-style MMO, now has a release date, and more importantly, a pricing model for gamers to investigate, reports GameTrailers.

The game itself will be sold for $49.99 USD on June 29, which will include 50 hours of playtime, and unlimited time for player customization, socializing and marketplace work. Note the key aspect there: hours, not a month.

This is where the pricing becomes intriguing and innovative.

Players may then purchase 20 additional hours of playtime for $6.99 USD. Players may also purchase an unlimited package for $9.99 USD per month, with discounts for 90 and 180 packages.

What this allows is for casual players to only worry about paying for hours, basically a trial period that can last a lot longer than a month if they don’t frequently play. Players who enjoy themselves and find themselves really getting into A.P.B. can opt for the monthly payments, which are far more economical than the $6.99 for 20 hours package.

Let us know what you think of this pricing structure.

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