NFL First Picked/Last Signed Contest: Russell Okung is the Answer, Arctic00 is the Winner

The contest entry period ended this past Friday when C.J. Spiller signed on the dotted line with the Buffalo Bills, but contest officially ended yesterday as our winner was selected and accepted his prize.

Longtime TMR Zoo member and frequent entrant in all of our sports contests, arctic00 won the luck of the draw as we picked his name from the field of entries stating Russell Okung would be the very last 2010 first round NFL draft pick to sign with his respective team.

At one point, Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys led the pack with the most entries, but after he was the very FIRST opening round draft pick to sign, the entries started flowing in heavily for C.J. Spiller. 10% of all entries selected Spiller, while the next closest was Bryant, finishing with 6%. Sam Bradford and Ndamukong Suh tied for fourth-most with 5%.

Congratulations again to our winner. We hope everyone had fun with this contest over the past few months as we ramp up to the next NFL competition, the TMR Zoo’s exclusive football pool “Beat the House”. This year we have a brand new staffer making the picks so make sure you tune in weekly for a fresh new take on the goings-on in the NFL.