Suds With Securb: Boston Continues On With Its Lame Hempfest 2010 Sunday September 19th

The City of Boston was founded on Puritan values. Puritan values that drastically clash drastically Blue State culture. The prohibition like liquor laws are a joke. It wasn’t until recently that you could purchase liquor including beer and wine on Sundays in Massachusetts. Most off-premises alcohol sales were not permitted on Sundays until 2004.

Still with the Sunday prohibition of alcohol lifted it still cannot be served after 2 PM. The subway stops at 1 AM and the bars close at 2 AM, I thought Boston was a college town? In New Orleans, Vegas and other cities not only can I buy alcohol around the clock but I can also walk down the street with my drink. I you are caught with an open alcohol container in Boston you win matching bracelets and a free trip to the local police station.

So despite having some of the strictest liquor laws in the country Massachusetts has some of the loosest Marijuana laws. In the Bay State there is no need for a Medical Marijuana card. Marijuana is decriminalized for everyone. If you are caught with under an ounce of weed you are simply issued a $100 ticket. O yeah and the police take your weed away.

So seeing weed is no big deal it makes me wonder why Boston is continuing with it’s yearly Hempfest? The Hempfest once was the one day and event where people could semi-legally smoke pot in Boston. The hempfest would be saturated with undercover cops looking for dealings but the casual smoker could pretty much smoke with impunity.

Now that weed is decimalized you would be more daring cracking a beer at the Hempfest than smoking a splif. Actually on any given day in Boston it is more illegal to drink a beer in public. Next year let’s just pass on this lame duck event. Your pleas were heard you stoners won. Or maybe it is time for a open air Beerfest in Boston? Beerfest 2011 anyone?