Ines Sainz Is Not The First Woman To Be Harassed By The New York Jets And Their Fans (Pics + Gallery)

Reporter Ines Sainz a sports reporter from Mexico’s TV Azteca who was reportedly catcalled and harassed by members of the New York Jets last week. The reported behavior of Rex Ryan’s New York Jets towards Ines Sainz should not shock anyone. Especially anyone who has seen HBO’s reality show Hard Knocks.

Hard Knocks shows us that the New York Jets are an old school boys club. The HBO cameras picked up all of the team’s scars – the spitting, the swearing and the scratching. This group of millionaires acts more like a construction crew than their financial contemporaries on Wall Street.

Still it may be unfair to characterize just Rex Ryan’s Jets as louts. The recent behavior of The Jets just may be engrained in the culture of the football team. We all have heard about the Jet’s fans “Gate D” parties. This is where the Jet’s fan congregate during half time and chant for women to flash their breasts.
It seems a woman can’t visit the restroom or grab a drink during halftime in the Jet’s stadium without being harassed. Not only are fans targets but also women working at the stadium on gameday.

Who can forget Joe Namath’s comments to ESPN’s Suzy Kolber in 2003. Joe gave the reporter no respect what so ever and treated Suzy like a drunken bar pickup. If Joe Namath is the face of the franchise maybe this is the culture of The Jets. If Rex Ryan wants to build a winning culture in New York the first thing he needs to do is loose the loser behavior.

Twice this young season NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has had to make comments in regards to The New York Jets behavior. First for their language on HBO’s Hard Knocks now for once again harassing a female sports reporter.

Ines Sainz is a great reporter and a beautiful woman as you can see in this gallery. It seems like The Jets don’t know how to behave around either. Stay classy New York.