Doug Fieger Lead Singer Of Rock Group The Knack Loses Battle With Cancer

200px-Get_The_Knack_album_coverThis one sucks for me. Doug Fieger, lead singer of rock group the Knack, died today at 57 after a battle with cancer. I was and remain a huge fan of Doug and the Knack. The black and white clothes and the skinny ties were imitated in every high school in the 80’s.

Every school had a Mike Damone from Fast Times walking the hall with the tie and the vest.

I have said it a thousand times My Sharona has one of most underrated guitar solos in the history of 80’s rock and new wave music. Back in the day most new wave guys with the exception of Elliot Eastern and a few others didn’t shred. Berton Averre hit that guitar solo like a metal god. If you can’t hear Jimmy Page in that solo you are deaf.

And then there was Doug. That huge smile, happy to be entertaining the masses. Belting out the lyrics to Good Girls Don’t, My Sharona and personal favorite “Frustrated”

The first Knack album was recorded in two weeks at a cost of just $18,000. It was an overnight success. Unfortunately that instant success may have been the down fall of the band.

The 80s were times when everyone was looking to that underground band to worship. People were looking for that band that noone had ever heard of. This was the same in metal, punk and new wave circles. The more obscure the music you listend to the cooler you were. Having an instant hit like The Knack would bring you fame but not longevity.

For me I remained cool and remain a fan. As I say goodbye to Doug Fieger My Sharona is blasting through my iTunes right now and not just the epic solo but even the guitar riffs in the song are killer. Doug’s vocals are unreal, the whold band was great.  Thank you for the inspiration, the skinny ties and sleep well Doug…you earned it.