The Scorpions – Sting In The Tail: Gives Us A Final Kick In The Ass

Sting_In_The_TailThe Scorpions new disk “Sting In The Tail” is slated to be the last studio album by the German metal band. After 44 years of recording and touring the band is finally calling it quits. The band promises to go out on top and deliver their fans and album and farewell tour held to the highest standard. The tour hasn’t started yet but they have kept their promise with the disk.

For me I have always seen two sides of the Scorpions. There is the “Falling In Love”, The Zoo” “Blackout” hard hitting Scorpions. On the other side of the coin is the “Still Loving You”, “Holiday”, “Wind of Change” power ballad Scorpions.

Thou I tend to prefer the harder hitting style of the band, The Scorpions are the masters of the power ballad.

The CD opens with the autobiographical “Raised on Rock”. The cool thing about this tune is it opens with an early Rudolf Schenker guitar tone. It sounds like something from earlier Scorpions disks “Lovedrive” or “Virgin Killer”.

The CD’s title track “Sting In The Tail” is a solid rocker Matthias Jabs and Schenker rip up some classic metal guitar work. The leads on this album are phenomenal as are the guitar tones and textures. Both guitar players mix it up giving us what seems like a montage of classic Scorpions guitar tones.

The disk continues to rock into the third song “Slave Me’. Classic sexually charged Scorpions’ lyrics and Klaus Meine on top of his game with the vocals; of course you have the big gang backup vocals to compliment him.

I would love to give you a blow by blow of every song on the disk but I will save us both time. Every song on this disk is great in its own light. The rockers rock ,the ballads are great. “Lorelei” is the big production ballad on this disk. It is a throwback, but timeless. It in no way sounds like rehash or something that was left off of a previous album. It sounds like The Scorpions and no one else sounds like The Scorpions but The Scorpions.

This is a must pickup for Scorpions fans or anyone who is a fan of the metal era. This band has been together for almost 45 years and they show no signs of slowing down. The Scorpions – “Sting In The Tail” goes on sale Friday March 19th