Joslyn James on the Howard Stern Show: “Tiger Woods got me Pregnant, Twice” (Pictures)

joslyn-mainPornstar Joslyn James, one of the many names listed on the Tiger Woods mistress roster, dropped a bombshell this morning as she appeared on the Howard Stern Show. She admitted that she had unprotected sex with Tiger Woods and he impregnated her not once, but two times!

Joslyn said that she miscarried the first pregnancy after a few months but she aborted the second pregnancy. According to her interview, the “couple” never had protected sex during their affair. Like all the other girls that have been on the Stern show, Joslyn said Tiger was great in the sack. Unlike the other girls, Joslyn gave up the butt on the first night.

Joslyn James is now most famous for releasing Tiger Woods’ texts to her on the site

Here’s a quick gallery of Joslyn playing the role of a naughty teacher:

Tiger has a press conference today and Joslyn hinted that she was having one later in the day. She did not go into details as to what the presser was regarding.

Will this ever end?