Can Will Ferrell Bring the Magic He brought to Eastbound and Down to The Office (Video Teaser)

Lets face it Will Farrell is one funny bastard. The cast of characters that he surrounds himself with are just as funny. Danny McBride, John C. Riley, David Koechner and of course his good friend Steve Carell. After an amazing run Steve Carell is calling it quits on NBC’s hit series The Office.

Will Farell will be stepping in to help transition the show. Many wonder if the show can survive without Carell, it has been done before on hit shows. The trick to getting the done is having a strong ensemble cast which NBC’s the Office has.

CBS was able to cycle in a laundry list of actors in their Korean War comedy M*A*S*H. Michael J. Fox was replaced on Spin City by Charlie Sheen – the show went on for another two years. Bewitched had two Darrens – both were Dicks (Dick York, Dick Sargent). Shelly Long was replaced on Cheers by the now bloated Kristi Alley. The biggest revolving door of cast members on TV is of course Soap Operas.

My guess is The Office will carry on a couple of more seasons. I think this would have been the case whether or not Steve Carell stayed on. Smart money says Steve Carell is heading back to the big screen. Hopefully Steve has another “40 Year Old Virgin” in him.

Here is the teaser