Indie Music Spotlight – Lamar “DBL” Lawson

At one point in time, the acronym R&B actually meant Rhythm and Blues. With the introduction of the Hip-Hop culture in recent years, the current fad of the heavy thumping 808 drums, the true definition of R&B has lost its value.

But for Lamar “DBL” Lawson, R&B music is about expressing passion and soul. It is very easy for the 22 year-old DBL to be so enthused by music, because his father once worked as a drummer for legendary Barry Gordy’s Motown Records. DBL began singing and performing gospel in churches. It was there that DBL learnt to perfect his craft as an artist.  As he grew older and more confident, DBL began posting music on his Myspace website. Shortly thereafter, was scouted by Mike B from the BSM Music Group, Mike B, who is a well- known manager that help artists like Lil Wayne, Plies, Bow Wow, Katt Williams, Kanye West and Carl Thomas gain exposure. Once DBL met Mike B, he knew he was one step closer to stardom.

Recently, DBL released his mixtape “My Moment” which features household names such as 50 cent, Snoop Dogg, and Ne-Yo. “My Moment” is a very solid piece of artistry consisting of slow romantic ballads, and mid-tempo sultry harmonious soul. This is not a bad introduction for a sophisticated young man on the rise. In conclusion, we are all witnesses, and this is DBL’s “Moment”.

Check out his Mixtape “My Moment