Worst Case Scenario For Sony: Stolen PlayStation Network Data Being Used

The first reports of stolen PSN data being used for fraudulent charges in the wild is starting to trickle in… $300 here, $600 there, a tank of gas in Connecticut, and so on.

Of particular note, and damaging to Sony, is that these thefts occurred while Sony was still trying to figure out what to do instead of informing their users of suspected action.

The other problem with charges that happened after PSN was shut down, but before Sony made an official announcement is that it’s hard to claim user fraud. If the user wasn’t aware their account details were at risk Sony can’t rightly claim that these people are simply trying to milk the system by disputing charges they made.

Questions are now being raised by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the UK, and Senator Richard Blumenthal (D – CT ) in the United States as to what Sony knew and when and what they’re prepared to do for 77 million subscribers.

The first class action lawsuit was also just filed in federal court in San Francisco seeking repayment of losses and reimbursement for credit monitoring services.

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Jordon Lund

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